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Upgrade Your Adventure!

In addition to your climbing package, we offer various add-ons to make your adventure even more memorable! 

Complete your experience

Black Diamond Upgrade

For those who enjoy the thrill of our zip line courses that challenge your body and mind—and want to kick back and enjoy the outdoors—the Black Diamond Area is for you!


For Scouts & Youth Groups


We have 5 campsites right here at the Park! All sites come with trash bags, a 5-gallon water jug, a fire pit, and fire wood.

Premium Sites
  • $200 for the first night / $150 per each additional night
  • Closer to the porta-johns
  • Closer to the parking lot for loading & unloading
  • Accommodate 15-20 “standard-size” tents
Primitive Sites
  • $150 per night
  • Located in the back of the Park
  • Can accommodate 10-20 tents depending on the site
  • Woodsy experience


Eagle's Landing

Accommodates 15 – 20 tents


Rambler's Roost

Accommodates 15 – 20 tents


Robin's Nest

Accommodates 15 – 20 tents


Bandit's hide-a-way

Accommodates 15 – 20 tents


Poplar Den

Accommodates up to 10 tents

All Sites

Included Amenities

Water, firewood, trashbags, fire pit




Looking for something to commemorate your Adventure? Be sure to ask us about our patches when you make your reservation or get them in the Park store!

adventure park swag bag birthdays
Goody Bags

Celebrating a birthday but aren't selecting the package that comes with goody bags? You can always add them on to your climb. What's inside is a surprise!


We have lockers available to rent to store your items while you climb! Small and large lockers can be rented on an hourly basis. Ask about locker rental when you arrive for your climb!


Gloves are not required, but are highly recommended. Add gloves to your reservation in advance to save over the Park store’s price! All glove types come in a range of sizes, good for kids and adults alike. Receive gloves and figure out sizes upon checking into your reservation at the Park.

Trango Gloves

These full fingered, light weight, abrasion resistant gloves have surprising durability. Groups of 10+ receive a discount on these gloves with advance purchase!

Dru Gloves

Great inexpensive yet tough neoprene climbing glove. These fingerless, grippy gloves can be used for lots of other sports or even for chores after adventuring through the trees!

Everest Gloves

These all leather performance climbing gloves are ideal for adventure climbing! The fingerless gloves offer protection for the palm while providing full finger dexterity! Durable enough for repeated use.


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