Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale Offer Details:

Two Any Age Tickets +
Free $35 Food Truck Gift Card

Gift Card Valid at on-site food truck

A $171 Value – Holiday Price $136

Two Any Age Tickets +
2 Free Pairs of Climbing gloves

Leather performance climbing gloves

A $171 Value – Holiday Price $136

Three for You, One for Me!

4 any age tickets - Keep one for yourself!

A $272 Value – Holiday Price $204

frequent climber 10-pass

One Pass with 10 uses

A $560 Value – Holiday Price $420

Adventure Anytime Memberships

unlimited climbing through 2023

For Individuals & Families

gift card

Choose Any Amount


Adventure Axes 1 Hour Lane Rental

One Lane Rental with an Hour of Throwing Time!

Accommodates Multiple Throwers: 4-6 Per Lane Recommended!

A $92 Value – Holiday Price $69

Adventure Axperience

2 Lanes for 1 Hour, Plus Free $55 food truck Gift Card!

Accommodates Multiple Throwers: 8-12 Total Recommended!

A $239 Value – Holiday Price $184

Holiday Sale FAQ

All orders with paper mail selected are mailed the following day, with the exception of Sundays and holidays. E-delivery happens insantaneously, unless you schedule the send for a later date. 

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate on-site pick up. If you’re eager to get your order, choose email delivery for printer-friendly tickets! 

The Park welcomes ages 5 and up, but the “Any Age” tickets provide the most value for ages 7 and up. Tickets for 5 & 6 year olds are less expensive as we require adult chaperones to climb with them at a 1:1 ratio.

Pro Tip: Remember to take into account any birthdays happening between now and when you would use these certificates! 

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