Night Climb and Zipline

Imagine the sun is setting past the horizon and that magical glow is filling the sky. The Adventure Park illuminates the courses around you and its time to drop into the next zipline. Our guests often tell us that the thrill of climbing and zipping through the night is one of their favorite Adventure Park experiences.

We call it “Last Call Climb”, White LED lights hung 10-20 feet over each trail through the canopy allows us to hang onto that magical moment just before dusk turns to dark.  Climbing under the lights does not make the experience harder, but it certainly brings a different perspective.  Some say its more intense because their focus is on what they can see right in front of them.  Others say its ‘eerie’ because of what they can not see beyond the limited throw of the lights. Others find it thrilling in its own special way….  We have even been told that it’s “the best first date ever!”.

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