Night Climbing and Glow In The Park Events

The sun is setting and that magical glow is filling the sky. The Adventure Park illuminates the courses around you with string lights, and it’s time to drop into the next zip line.

Being able to focus only on what’s right in front of you, along with the mystery of not being able to see beyond the limited throw of the lights, brings a special kind of thrill to your experience!

Choose between Night Climbing any day with Last Call Tickets, which start 4 hours before we close during weekdays or weekends. Or choose a special Glow in the Park or Keep it Lit event on select dates during the season. Please note that our hardest courses begin to close up to 1.5 hours prior to our listed hours.

Last Call Climb: Available Every Evening

Every evening that we’re open, you have the chance to experience an enchanting climb under the stars! As soon as dusk sets in, we turn on our string lights that line each course.

Aerial Forest Last Call tickets are generally available in the last few hours of admission. Find our hours here.

  • Ages 7 & Up: $42 per ticket plus taxes/fees
  • Ages 5 & 6: $15 per ticket plus taxes/fees
  • Last Call guests get to climb until we close, between 2-3 hours

Glow in the Park: Available on Select Dates

Family fun at the Park just reached a new level. Ages 5 & up can enjoy a magical experience climbing through the trees lit up with colored lights, rockin’ music, and unique themes!

  • Glow in the Park guests get 2 hours of climb time
  • Ages 7 & Up: $45 per ticket plus taxes/fees
  • Ages 5 & 6: $15 per ticket plus taxes/fees
  • All ages can experience night climbing & ziplining through the neon forest!
  • Upcoming Glow in the Park dates: Check back in 2020!


Keep it Lit: Available on Select Dates

Adults take over the Park for this late night event! This is the chance for ages 18 & up to enjoy night climbing & ziplining in our neon forest while jamming out to our handcrafted playlists!

  • Keep it Lit guests get 2 hours of climb time
  • Ages 18 & Up: $39 per ticket plus taxes/fees
  • The perfect way to spice up your weekend plans with your friends or have the coolest date night ever!
  • Upcoming Keep it Lit Dates: Check back in 2020!