Homeschool Days at The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School

Did you know that there are more than 6,000 homeschool families within an hour’s drive of Sandy Spring, MD, home to the largest forest Adventure Park in the United States?

This year The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring is looking to bring homeschoolers unique resources, experiences and a place to connect.

Unique Environment

The Adventure Park is a unique environment designed to challenge the mind and the body of every participant.  With over two hundred and forty individual climbing elements (bridges & ziplines) and fourteen trails through the canopy, the Park offers a progression of opportunities for each climber to challenge themselves.  Every element calls upon the climber to discover the right combination of strength, balance and strategy to navigate to the next challenge. 



Challenge & Achievement

“Individual Challenge & Achievement” is at the core of the Adventure Park experience. While we have staff located throughout the park to train, supervise and assist when needed, each climber enjoys a self-guided experience, setting their own pace and determining their own level of challenge. 

Over the past eight years the Park has developed a growing following of home school families who include use of the park to augment their outdoor education and physical education activities.  Some have even delved into the science and physics of The Adventure Park, engaging our staff in questions about tree science, park design, and the forces of friction and gravity at work throughout the park. These informal dialogs have proven to be rewarding to everyone!


Education, Recreation & Appreciation

This year we decided to bring a little more focus onto what The Adventure Park has to offer homeschool families, both as a place for learning as well as a place for family recreation.  Below you will see a form to connect and learn more about the Homeschool Days program as well as a discount voucher for Homeschool Days at The Adventure Park.  




Upcoming Homeschool Days

Upcoming homeschool Days include:

  • April 20th
  • April 27th
  • May 11th

Reservation start times for Homeschool Days are from 12PM – 4PM

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