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Maryland Adventure Park, Sandy Spring, About Us

The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School is located in Sandy Spring, Maryland, on the 140 acre campus of Sandy Spring Friends School.  The park is owned by the school but fully staffed and operated by Outdoor Venture Group.

Opening in 2011 as one of the first Swiss style Adventure Parks in the country, the Adventure Park at Sandy Spring has grown to become the largest man-made outdoor climbing park in the world.  The Adventure Forest, The Labyrinth and K2Trees combine to offer almost 300 unique climbing and zipping challenges.

The Adventure Forest, which opened in 2011, is essentially an obstacle course in the trees and includes climbing, zip lines and combinations of the challenge bridges and zip lines. The Sandy Spring park has 13 trails, which are color-coded, with purple — the easiest — being a 12- to 20-foot-high course, and double black diamond — the most difficult — being 65 feet in the air.  It is the largest aerial climbing course in the US.

The Labyrinth, which opened in 2013, is an innovative pole based climbing structure offering many of the same challenges as the Adventure Forest, but scaled to be suitable for younger climbers, ages 5-10.  Whether climbing with parents during our frequent Family Climbs or as a guest at a private birthday party, The Labyrinth has proven to be a big hit with younger climbers.

K2Trees, which opened in 2016, is the newest and most challenging addition to our Park. K2Trees is a big hit with fitness climbers – “Out of the gym, Off of the walls, Into the Trees!” – as an alternative to their regular workout. Ages 10 and up!

Who We Are

Outdoor Ventures Group, LLC (OVG) designs, builds and operates Aerial Forest Parks. Established in 2008, OVG was inspired by adventure parks located in Switzerland and the desire to create an outdoor experience that connects people with the great outdoors. Today we are committed to promoting active enjoyment of the outdoors through the development of Aerial Forest Parks and Rope Courses. A place where you can appreciate nature while engaging in activities that are fun, challenging, build confidence, and are good for your health.

About the Aerial Forest Park Model

The Aerial Forest Park (AFP) is a new concept in the U.S., but in Europe (France, Switzerland, England, Austria, and Germany) it has become a very popular experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Families, friends and individuals are involved in healthy outdoor activities, building strength, endurance, and confidence. They provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature. These parks contain courses made of small platforms constructed at various levels in the trees. The platforms are connected by different types of bridges (that represent obstacles) and participants, using safety harnesses, maneuver from platform to platform. The parks operate with virtually no negative environmental impact and the trees (our most important assets) are well cared for and protected.

“We maintain the forest. A healthy forest is good for our business and nature,” Wellman said. “Our message is really all about people getting out in the outdoors, recreating in the outdoors, playing and getting in the fresh air.”

Ecotourism: Ropes Course Parks as Sustainable Travel Destinations

Ecotourism focuses on responsible travel, personal growth, and environmental sustainability. It places great importance on environmental awareness, respect for nature, and empowerment of local people, corporate responsibility, creating positive experiences, whilst aiming to provide financial benefits for both businesses and local communities. All of these goals and outcomes make a ropes course park a very ecofriendly and sustainable business.

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